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Time for some Hybrid Fun!

February 1, 2009 in Challenges

What I love most about doing hybrid is that it motivates me to print out my projects so I can hold them in my hands! My regular LOs have to wait quite a while before they make it into print!

Here's my mini-album that I completed in less than a day!




Don't worry, your challenge isn't to complete an entire album, but something fun and easy.

Since some people may be intimidated by hybrid, I'm going to make this week's challenge a small babystep to show you how much fun it is! The challenge is this: Print out an element (any element) and cut it out. I used matte photo paper for mine, but you can use regular photo paper or even card stock.

Cut it out, and glue it on a LO or project. To give it added dimension, I curled the edges of mine upward slightly, and I used a pop-up glue dot so it's not too flat on the page. You can also use foam adhesives for this effect. Of course, if you want to cut out several elements, you are welcome to do so.

Simple enough, right? So get out that scissors and start cutting!


And just for fun, here are some tips to help you complete your mini-album quickly (instead of it languishing with your ever-growing list of unfinished projects):

* Limit the number of kits used. For mine, I used Autumn Time by Jessica McComas, since it fit perfectly with my Thanksgiving theme. I pulled a few extra elements that coordinated with it, but kept it at a minimum.

* Plan out the number of pages you want, then figure out how many basic page templates you will need. I had 15 pages in mine, plus the cover, so I made 4 basic LOs. Then for the rest of the pages, I just mixed up the order of the templates, and switched out a few of the elements for a bit of variety. But not too much! You want the focus to be on the photos, and you want to get the album done!

* Consider using the same photo treatment to keep your photos unified. I used a B&W action on mine, but you can use any action that will give the photos a similar effect.

* And last of all, have fun, and get it done!

I'm looking forward to seeing all your entries for the challenge!




Ina - this stuff is absolutely fantastic. Thank you for sharing this!

Heather K

I had fun with this. I made two complementary bookmarks - printing out additional flowers and adding them on top. Thanks for the inspiration!


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