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Meet Stacy, the creative artist behind Kitschy Flowers

December 18, 2008 in Announcements

Stacyincolor What kind of artist are you?

My daily doodles include being an at-home Mama, part-time social worker, and a woman with a lot of pent-up creativity. I have a Bachelor in Fine Arts, as well as a Master’s degree in Counseling.  Both degrees have helped me hone my skills as an artist, especially in realizing that I need to be artful to keep my spirit alive. I've enjoyed many tangents in the artsy-crafty realm including interior decorating, sewing, repurposing furniture and clothing, painting, & photography. Quite simply, I've never met an art or craft I don't like.  But, I currently favor textile arts.  I also make and sell children's products in an online shop at Etsy.

How long have you been an artists/designer?
I watched my mother dabble in arts and crafts as I grew up, however, I'd say I fully jumped into the creative process as I was pursuing my undergraduate degree of Art Therapy.  As part of the curriculum, I had to take a class in each medium offered at Kansas State University.  I favored some mediums and hated others, but I learned the freedom to "play" no matter what materials were before me.

Where do you find your inspiration for your designs?
Namely, from my kids. Their fresh views, and especially the words of my four year old...are quite inspirational.  I also enjoy the blogging world and take inspiration from what I read and see there.

What is your favorite thing to design and why?
My style tends to be whimsical and colorful.  I think this lends itself well to children's products and children's themed artwork.  I'm also a mother to a 4.5 year old and an 8.5 month old.  Any unique day finds me immersed in their world, so it's no coincidence that the "kid stuff" comes naturally to me...

Do you have any designers that you admire?
I'm a fan of blogs, and have quite a list of those I find inspirational.


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