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Who's that guy?

November 30, 2008 in Announcements

Have you seen a guy's profile pop in and out of the gallery in comments? You may be wondering who he is. He's also the same guy behind tech support, the unique design of the site, and the one of two players who pulled this whole thing together (concept to fruition). It's all thanks to Carson, the site owner/marketer/resident Tech guy. Since you met his beautiful, talented, and creative other half  the other day, you get to meet him today.

67 What made you two decide to open up a scrapbooking shop?
To be honest, it’s been about four years in the making. The idea originally came to me (Carson) when I was doing some Internet marketing work for my client Debbie Mumm. They have such a fun and rewarding business and customer base, I wanted to be part of that world. With my background in web business, I thought it would be fun to work with Jessica (who is very creative) to bring a carefully polished web experience to scrapbookers. Jessica is super-wife and supportive of all my hair-brained ideas. I shared my kernel of an idea, she helped shape it into something that could work, and she’s worked tirelessly along with me to help us realize our vision.

What is your store/site philosophy?
Store: our goal is to bring handmade digital art to scrapbooking. We don’t think this has been done in quite this way before. Our products are not the results of work in Photoshop – not that there’s a THING wrong with that, we love that stuff as much as anyone else – but  we wanted to bring a different style of art to the community to share and enhance their creative works. We happen to think it’s a fantastic addition, but then we’re not real unbiased. :)

Site: our goal is to create a community where scrapbookers all over the world can find and share inspiration. We hope our users will upload their work and generously share with others their ideas, their creativity, and their vision. We hope that all who arrive at the site will be inspired just a little bit more to see the world as a better place, to find friends with common interests, to find ideas and creativity that inspire them.

So far, what has been your favorite part of this whole process?
Without question, our favorite part so far has been working with our designers, and now Kelly in bringing these fantastic creative works to fruition. It’s been such a joy to work with everyone involved. Jessica and I count it a real blessing and can’t wait to share this experience with the scrapbooking community.

What is your occupational background and how is it contributing to TRP?
I have been involved in internet related businesses – internet marketing and web development – for about 11 years professionally. I’ve found a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment from using this medium to connect people and businesses. Jessica is a SAHM with a degree in education and art, who understands beauty and what appeals to people (women particularly). Her background has brought a much needed personal touch to the more technical aspects that I focus on.

Stay tuned! You'll get to learn about me next. Heehee...

All my best, Kelly



It must be a bit of culture shock for Carson and all these scrappin' ladies!


A bit :)
But it's absolutely awesome.

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