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Meet another Designer

November 28, 2008

Sarah1_2Hey TRP readers,

You are in for a treat today. You get to meet Sarah. She has created some super cute items for TRP, like this cutie here on the right. Don't you just want to pinch its adorable cheeks?

When you get a chance, you have to take a look at her Etsy shop. Ah. I just want to buy her whole store. I especially love the penguins. Where were these when I was a kid?Sarah_in_snow_2

What kind of artist are you? Felt and hand stitching is my   main craft, but any kind of sewing and fabric can grab my attention!

How long have you been an artists/designer? I've always loved crafts, since I was a kiddie cutting out paper dolls with my Mum...years later I took a degree in Theatrical Costume Design which taught me so much...now I feel very lucky that I can call myself a working crafter!

What got you interested in this kind of designing (for digital)? I'm always interested in new ways to craft...and if someone as computer-shy as me can enjoy it, it must be good :-)

Where do you find your inspiration for your designs? It's hard to pin point inspiration...ideas seem to come at me when I'm busy sewing something else...I always have a notebook at hand to jot down ideas or some rough sketches.

What is your favorite thing to design and why? Turning a 2-d sketch into a 3-d object has always held magic for me, be it pattern cutting clothes or making softies, I am always pleasantly surprised that a piece of paper and a few pencil lines can turn 3d !!

Sarah2_3 What has been your favorite kit to design so far and why? Designing for the digital market bought about a few changes in the methods I ordinarily use and once I have conquered the computer side of my first kit I have so many more ideas I want to produce...my sketch book is overflowing with cupcakes and owls and I can't wait to get started on them!

Make sure that you stay tuned to the blog tomorrow. Our CT call results will be in and we will be announcing our new CT Team later in the evening, Pacific time. Not to mention, Santa must be coming early because early TRP registered members will be getting your free  kit TOMORROW. Can you believe it! So make sure you have that one layout uploaded in the gallery before the elves go snooping through the gallery to check!

All my best, Kelly


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